Angel Driving School

The Behind the Wheel is a seven days course. Each class is an hour and 40 mins session, which consists of 50 mins of observation and 50 mins of driving time. To do this course, a student must have a valid Learners Permit and have passed Drivers Ed class which is provided in school. Also, the partners for safe teen driving certificate is needed. Minimum Hours that are required to be done with parents ahead of this course are: 30 hours daylight and 15 hours after sunset. Parents need to make sure their student has experience to be comfortable driving. We will be taking them on highway Rt. 7, Rt. 28, Sterling, Herndon, 3 lane driving, 2 lane driving, 1 lane driving, etc. Parents must make sure their student has complete understanding of road signs and how to interpret them. We issue the license, your student doesn't have to go to the DMV.